Communicate – 2


  • Criticize in Private (one-on-ones)
    • One one-on-one per day should be your standard
    • The rest of the squad should hardly notice a one-on-one happening
    • A one-on-one is not only for disciplinary measures or to address mistakes. It could be because you see an opportunity for someone to improve.
    • When taking someone to task for a mistake, try not to offend the person or make them defensive:
      • Emotion: When someone doesn’t follow directive or breaks a rule under your command, it’s hard to not take it personal.
      • Avoid being emotional while talking about the issue.
      • After deciding to do a one-on-one with someone, wait at least one hour and make sure you are 100% non emotional about the incident before you start.
      • Tone:
      • Tone of voice is very important.
      • Calmly & matter-of-factly describe what issue you have observed, and what actions you’d like them to take to correct it. Remain as objective & un-emotional as possible.
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