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Make sure to download the course materials in the ‘Materials’ tab above.

Watch each Unit Presentation in its entirety to proceed to the next unit. Exiting early, or hitting your browser’s ‘Back’ or ‘Refresh’ buttons will require you to start the unit over from the beginning.

Allow each Unit Presentation to finish & wait until the page automatically advances to the next unit to ensure your progress is saved.

The S-190 task sheet can be completed during the course for notes, you will not need to turn it in.
We will be filling them out during your in person training and turning them in then.



Mon – Fri 9 AM – 4 PM PST


Please contact us with any technical issues or course related questions.


Incident Response Pocket Guide (IRPG)

Student Evaluation Task sheet*

*Must be completed & submitted for course credit during your field training.

See the course tutorial videos for how to edit this document. On a PC or laptop, you can open & edit the Task Sheet in your browser using Google Sheets. For mobile devices, you will need to download the Google Sheets app.

Download Google Sheets for mobile:



Fill in the answers to the task sheet as you complete the course. During your field training you will be provided with a new sheet and you will fill it out with an instructor. The digital form is a way for you to fill it out while taking the course to allow note taking. You will not need to submit this digital format.